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What does the development consist of?

The Montecito II is a 64-unit housing complex that is comprised of studio apartment units (including a manager's unit). This project is an age-restricted building for seniors 55 and above. The building will only offer studio units.

What will be provided in each unit?

All units will have a full kitchen (range/oven, refrigerator) and a tub or shower in the bathroom. Each unit will have air conditioning and plank flooring.

What amenities will be provided?

Amenities include a computer lab, fitness room, laundry facilities, bicycle storage, rooftop terrace, landscaped courtyard, BBQ area, and onsite management and case worker offices.

Are there accessible units?

Yes, The Montecito II has accessible units and/or units with accessible features. Applicants may inquire about the features of these units by contacting management.

How do I request a reasonable accommodation/modification?

If you or anyone in your household has a disability and needs any reasonable accommodations/modifications to live at The Montecito II and use our services, please contact management staff to fill out a Reasonable Accommodation or Modification form.

Will parking be provided?

No. Residents may find street parking. 

How are residents selected and are there any preferences?

This project will serve low-income households for seniors 55 and above.

The property has set aside 32 age-restricted, 55 and older, Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) units for formerly homeless and chronically homeless households. Applicants must be 55 and older to qualify. All PSH units will be referred by PATH. At least 25% of the units (8 units) will be matched through the Coordinated Entry System. The remaining units will be filled through the Outreach and Matching plan noted in the Tenant Selection Plan. For information on the Coordinated Entry System, please call 2-1-1 or visit

The remaining units will be filled through a random lottery process. Parties interested in entering this lottery must complete a detailed application. All eligible applications will be entered into a random selection lottery.  The list of those selected in the lottery will be posted.  The location and date of the posted list of lottery winners will be provided in a letter which will be sent to all applicants confirming receipt of their application.

The lottery winners are subsequently screened with an income verification, a credit check, a criminal background check, an in-person interview and then a home inspection. Thomas Safran & Associates manages the tenant review process carefully to assure the community is filled with highly qualified residents.

What is permanent supportive housing (PSH)?

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is affordable housing with supportive services for formerly homeless people. PSH may include veterans, seniors, transitional aged youth (18-25 years old), families with children, and individuals escaping domestic violence.

Will supportive services be provided? To whom?

Yes, supportive services will be provided to all PSH residents of the project only. The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) requires that PSH households sign a statement of family responsibility. Households that fail to participate in supportive services may be evicted. 

The project will not provide public drop-in supportive or emergency services for non-residents.

Are there minimum income requirements?

Applicants must have a gross monthly income that is at least twice their monthly rent. For example, if monthly rent is $1,200, the gross annual income should be at least $28,800 ($1,200 x 2 x 12 months). Failure to satisfy the minimum income to rent ratio is indicative of insufficient income to pay rent and all other household expenses.  Voucher applicants and applicants of subsidized units are exempt from the minimum income requirements.

Are there maximum income requirements*? 

Yes, applicants must have incomes below the 60% area median income for Los Angeles County for their household size. See the chart below (subject to change). *The income limits are adjusted annually by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and are subject to change.






How many people can live in each unit?

The Montecito II offers studio units for low-income households. The minimum number of occupants per unit is one (1) individual and the maximum number of occupants per unit is 2 (two) individuals. Note: These may vary for the PSH units.

What are the maximum rents you will have*?

Expected rents are up to $1,324 per month*. This only applies to the units that will be filled through the initial lottery.

To qualify, applicants must have a gross monthly income that is at least twice their monthly rent* and must be below the unit’s income limits for the household. Please contact TSA management for additional information.

*The rents are adjusted annually by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and are subject to change. Voucher holders are not subject to the minimum income requirement.

Are there rent increases?

Yes, they are restricted to a formula determined annually by HUD based on percentage increases in median income for the Los Angeles area.  For the last five years, rent increases have ranged from 0% to 7% per year.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, The Montecito II is a pet-friendly community. Assistance animals are not considered “pets”. Please notify management if you have an assistance animal. 

Is smoking on the property allowed?

No, The Montecito II will be a 100% non-smoking community. This includes no smoking in the units, patios/balconies, and community areas.  Residents or guests who choose to smoke are required to smoke off the property.  This policy is strictly enforced.

Do 100% full-time student households qualify for this housing?

100% full-time student households do not normally qualify unless they meet one of the exceptions.  In order for a household of full-time students to be considered eligible, they must meet one of the following criteria: 

• Any member of the household is married and either files or is entitled to file a joint tax return. 

• The household consists of at least one single parent and his or her minor children, and the parent is not a dependent of a third party. Any children may be claimed as a dependent of either parent, regardless of tenancy in unit. 

• At least one member of the household receives assistance under Title IV of the Social Security Act. (AFDC, TANF, CalWORKS, etc. – Not SSA or SSI) 

• At least one member is enrolled in a job training program receiving assistance under the Work Investment Act (WIA) formerly known as the Job Training Partnership Act, or similar federal, state or local laws.

• At least one member of the household is under age 24 and has exited the Foster Care system within the previous six years.

How long will the units be affordable?

Use of the California Federal Tax Credit program requires the units remain affordable for at least 55 years.  However, Thomas Safran & Associates proposes to keep the rents affordable indefinitely.

Who are the developers?

Thomas Safran & Associates is the developer of The Montecito II.

Thomas Safran & Associates has developed market rate and affordable housing for seniors, families, veterans, the homeless, and other special needs populations. For 50 years, we have developed more than 6,500 units of rental housing in California and we have received many awards for our communities. We pride ourselves on design and quality developments that improve the neighborhoods that we serve.

Who will manage the building?

Thomas Safran & Associates.  We have an in-house property management company to ensure quality control of our properties long term. We currently manage over 6,000 units in over 70 different buildings that range from as small as 14 units on Santa Catalina Island to as big as 283 units in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

Where can I find updated information throughout the application process?

Additional information can be found online at: or by calling (888) 311-7736, TTY: (800) 855-7100.